• Weaving sustainability,

    and leading the future.


  • 45+ 

    Years of expertise


    Sustainable garments

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  • Crafting the Future:
    Over 45 Years of Excellence
    in Sustainable Textile

    At CKG, our legacy spans over 45 years of innovation in textile and

    garment manufacturing. Rooted in the principles that have shaped the

    future of fashion, we stand at the forefront of sustainable practices,

    ensuring every garment we manufacture not only meets but exceeds

    the expectations of our global clientele. Our expertise in sustainable

    apparel is a testament to our deep understanding of the industry's

    evolving dynamics, where the integrity of the process is as crucial as

    the quality of the product.

  • Sustainable Fashion that Lasts

    At CK Garments, we blend tradition with innovation to produce sustainable fashion that stands the test of time. Specializing in manufacturing Outerwear

    such as jackets, down parka, wools coats, for Men, Women, and Children, along with cutting-edge Fashion items, we partner with brands to bring their

    designs to life through a process rooted in respect for our planet.

  • Our Capabilities

    At CKG, our end-to-end capabilities are powered by our own state-of-the-art factory and a dedicated team of over 150 professionals. Specializing in the

    entire textile manufacturing spectrum, we ensure unparalleled quality and sustainability from yarn to finished garment. Our in-house expertise and

    comprehensive processes enable us to fulfill the evolving demands of fashion brands worldwide with precision and responsibility. Explore our core

    capabilities that define our leading edge in sustainable garment manufacturing.


    Sustainability that shapes the


    At CKG, our commitment to sustainability is not just a part of our business

    model; it's the foundation upon which we build the future of fashion. We

    understand the critical role that sustainable practices play in protecting

    our planet, and we are dedicated to pioneering solutions that make a real

    difference. Through our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence, we

    have earned a range of sustainability certifications, each a testament to

    our efforts in creating eco-friendly products without compromising on



    Brands We Work With

    At CKG, our partnerships are built on a foundation of quality, where every collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment to sustainability and ethical values. From world-renowned brands to niche designers prioritizing

    excellence, our work together underscores a mutual dedication to not just meeting, but exceeding, the highest

    standards in sustainable fashion.

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