• A Partner You Can Trust for Sustainable Textiles

  • Our Story

    Cheng Kung Garments (CKG), derived from the Chinese word for

    "success," was established in 1975 by the Djen family amidst Hong

    Kong's dynamic manufacturing boom. Originating as a modest family-

    owned enterprise, CKG has flourished into a distinguished manufacturer,

    now boasting a dedicated team of over 150 professionals. This growth is

    a tribute to CKG's resilience, steadfast commitment to excellence, and

    profound dedication to sustainable practices.

    Since its beginnings in the energetic era of 1970s Hong Kong, CKG has

    expanded while faithfully preserving its family roots, currently under the

    stewardship of Vincent Djen and his older brother, Wing. Raised in Hong

    Kong yet educated and having spent significant time in North America,

    the brothers bring a blend of Eastern traditions and Western innovations

    to the company. This unique combination of global perspectives

    enriches CKG's approach to manufacturing, setting it apart in the

    industry with an internationally-informed outlook.

    Today, CKG is not only renowned for its enduring family legacy but also

    stands at the forefront of the textile and garment manufacturing

    industry. The company is recognized as a trusted partner for fashion

    brands worldwide, exemplifying superior craftsmanship, forward-thinking

    innovation, and a commitment to transparency and sustainable fashion.

    CKG's evolution is a narrative of transformation, driven by a mission to

    integrate timeless values with contemporary practices, ensuring enduring

    success in the international fashion market.

  • Philosophy

    CKG's ethos is where tradition meets pioneering spirit, setting the

    company apart in the fashion industry. With a dedication to ethical

    sourcing and environmentally conscious production, CKG transcends

    typical manufacturing practices. This commitment is communicated

    openly to partners and consumers, reinforcing the brand’s standing as a

    beacon of responsible garment production.

  • Expertise

    The expertise at CKG, enriched by decades of experience and a forward-

    looking perspective from the Djen brothers, enables service to a wide

    array of clients. This unique blend of detailed craftsmanship, ethical

    standards, and transparent leadership has solidified CKG’s reputation as

    a trusted innovator in sustainable garment manufacturing.

  • Commitment to Innovation

    At the heart of CKG’s operations is a relentless drive for innovation,

    underscored by transparent efforts to adopt sustainable materials and

    practices. This dedication to research and development fosters a culture

    of openness, establishing CKG as a thought leader in eco-friendly

    fashion solutions.

  • Vision for the Future

    CKG is dedicated to leading the fashion industry towards a sustainable

    future, fostering partnerships with brands that share a commitment to

    ethical production and transparency. With a foundation built on

    integrity and a proactive approach to embracing innovation, CKG is

    shaping the future of fashion, ensuring that every garment produced is

    a step toward a more sustainable world.

  • Partner With Us

    At CKG, we're dedicated to forging strong partnerships with brands and designers who share our commitment to

    sustainability, quality, and ethical manufacturing. Our family-owned business, with a legacy of success since 1975,

    offers a collaborative platform for those aiming to make a positive impact in the fashion industry.

    Whether you're scaling up or just starting out, we provide the expertise and support needed to bring your sustainable

    fashion visions to life. Let's work together to create exceptional garments that reflect our shared values.

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