Our Commitment to

    the Planet

    At CKG, sustainability isn't just a policy; it's the

    heartbeat of our operation. With over four decades

    dedicated to pioneering sustainable textile and garment

    manufacturing, we're committed to reducing our

    environmental footprint, one garment at a time. Our

    approach goes beyond compliance, embedding

    sustainability into every facet of our business—from

    ethical sourcing of materials to advanced manufacturing

    processes and beyond.

  • We proudly hold several sustainability certifications, demonstrating our adherence to

    global standards in environmental stewardship and ethical practices. These

    certifications are not just badges of honor, but are reflective of our ongoing journey

    towards sustainability excellence.


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  • 01.

    Ethical Sourcing

    We believe that true sustainability starts with the

    origins of our materials. That's why CKG is dedicated to

    ethical sourcing, ensuring that every fiber we use meets

    strict standards for environmental and social

    responsibility. Our commitment extends to innovative

    materials like recycled PET (RPET), turning plastic

    waste into high-quality fabrics that set new benchmarks

    for eco-friendly fashion.

  • 02.



    Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are more

    than just production sites; they're where our

    sustainability principles come to life. Through the use

    of renewable energy, water conservation methods, and

    waste reduction practices, we ensure that our

    manufacturing processes not only produce minimal

    environmental impact but also pave the way for a

    greener industry. CKG's investment in cutting-edge

    technology and continuous improvement means that

    every product we create is a step forward for

    sustainable manufacturing.

  • 03.

    Innovation for a Greener


    At CKG, innovation and sustainability are inseparable.

    We're constantly exploring new methods, materials, and

    technologies to push the boundaries of what's possible

    in sustainable fashion. From developing eco-friendly

    dyes to incorporating biodegradable materials,

    deadstock materials, new sustainable filing, to textile

    waste, PU free vegan leather, to 3D sampling, our

    efforts are aimed at creating products that are not only

    stylish and durable but also kind to the planet.

  • Join Us on Our Sustainable Journey

    We invite you to learn more about our sustainable practices, our vision for the future of

    fashion, and how we're making a difference in the industry and the world. Together, we

    can create a more sustainable, ethical, and beautiful future.