Redefining 'Made in China'

Vincent Djen


As I enter my 19th year in China's garment manufacturing and export business, I'm struck by the profound evolution of our industry. This reflection has inspired the launch of our series, "Redefining 'Made in China'," aimed at challenging and reshaping perceptions about Chinese manufacturing.

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At CKG, we stand committed to ethical and sustainable practices, emphasizing the crucial role of transparency in our operations.

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Why this Series Matters

Misconceptions about Chinese manufacturing have far-reaching effects, influencing both businesses and consumers worldwide. It's essential to recognize the significant advancements and positive shifts within our sector. This series seeks to provide a more nuanced understanding of China's manufacturing landscape today.

Our objectives are clear: dispel myths, educate about the market, and initiate a meaningful dialogue around quality, innovation, and sustainability in Chinese manufacturing. We aim to demonstrate the strides Chinese manufacturing has made towards global standards of excellence and ethics.

We Welcome Your Feedback

We invite you to join the dialogue. Have myths, questions, or stereotypes about Chinese manufacturing that need addressing? We’re here to confront them. Your input on topics or particular areas of interest is crucial as we aim to make this series both enlightening and engaging. Share your perspectives and help us shape a conversation that demystifies Chinese manufacturing, one topic at a time. 

About CKG

With 50 years of experience, CKG stands as a beacon of sustainable manufacturing, specializing in outerwear and garments. Rooted in a family-owned tradition, our journey reflects the industry's shift towards ethical and innovative practices. Serving a diverse array of clients, we demonstrate that sustainable manufacturing is accessible, enhanced by our flexible MOQs that make it attainable for brands of all sizes.

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This commitment to sustainability, coupled with our expertise, propels us to continue to set new standards for the future, ensuring our legacy contributes to a more sustainable and innovative manufacturing landscape.