Redefining 'Made in China': A Journey of Interdisciplinary Learning and Innovation

Vincent Djen


Growing up during the dotcom boom in the heart of the Bay Area, my interest in business and technology was sparked early, inspired by the vibrancy of Silicon Valley and the pages of Fortune magazine. As the world raced towards digital frontiers, my father's unwavering support allowed me to explore a wide array of interests, setting the foundation for a diverse career path that eventually led me back to the roots of my family business at CKG .

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Expanding Horizons in Education:

In college, encouraged by my father, I ventured across various fields of study. Initially drawn to Computer Science, I soon found my passion lay elsewhere, leading me to delve into Electrical Engineering. Despite this technical focus, I was also drawn to the world of business and fashion, taking classes in Business Administration and Fashion Merchandising. This interdisciplinary approach culminated in a degree in Accounting with a minor in Marketing—proof of my eclectic academic journey.

My brother and I co-own CKG

My brother and I co-own CKG

Professional Internships and Experiences:

My exploration didn't stop at academics. Thanks to my brother, I secured an internship at a tech company, where I helped develop wireless audio systems—an experience that honed my technical and innovative thinking. Later, an internship at a local accounting firm grounded me in the practicalities of business, providing a stark contrast and a broad perspective that enriched my understanding of business operations.

A Lifelong Curiosity:

Today, my curiosity remains unabated. I continue to enrich my knowledge by reading extensively across subjects like sustainability, organic chemistry, fashion history, and material science. These areas are not just interests but integral aspects of my professional life, influencing how we at CKG approach the challenges of sustainable manufacturing in the fashion industry.

From Silicon Valley's tech scene to the intricate details of fashion merchandising, my educational and professional journey has been anything but conventional. It reflects a lifetime of learning and adaptation, principles that are deeply embedded in CKG’s ethos. As we push forward, redefining 'Made in China' means leveraging this diverse background to drive innovation and sustainability in manufacturing, proving that a broad foundation can lead to specialized excellence.

Let's reshape the future of fashion together, where diversity in knowledge and curiosity leads to innovation.