Redefining 'Made in China': The Rising Influence of Women Entrepreneurs

Vincent Djen



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In the global landscape of entrepreneurship, certain regions stand out for their progressive strides toward gender diversity in leadership. The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) China East chapter exemplifies this shift, boasting a female membership rate of 30%, which is double the global average of 15%.

Entrepreneurs' Organization has been an influential organization towards my development through the years

I have been a member of EO for the past ten years, and it has been enlightening to witness and be part of this transformative journey. In China, the significant role of women in business is not just a modern phenomenon but a foundational one, particularly highlighted by companies like CKG

CKG was co-founded by both my mother and father, establishing from its inception that female vision and leadership were integral.

My father & mother, founders of CKG

This partnership brought diverse perspectives that have been crucial in shaping the company's future, emphasizing meticulous attention to detail and a forward-thinking approach to manufacturing.

Female leadership continues to drive CKG today, exemplified by key figures such as the head of our production team. Her strategic foresight and operational acumen enhance our processes, reinforcing our reputation for excellence and innovation. Furthermore, many of our partner factories and mills, led by women, prioritize operational excellence alongside employee welfare and sustainability, setting new standards for the industry.

"Redefining 'Made in China'" challenges outdated perceptions and celebrates the evolving realities of Chinese manufacturing, where diversity in leadership is becoming a defining feature. By spotlighting the transformative role of women in this sector, we not only honor their contributions but also inspire further progress toward a more equitable and dynamic industry.

at CKG we value & recognize female leadership

Through this series, CKG advocates for a nuanced understanding of Chinese manufacturing, highlighting that the future of this sector is being shaped by leaders who bring a variety of perspectives and solutions. Our commitment to diversity and innovation continues to guide our practices, ensuring that CKG remains at the forefront of the sustainable and ethical manufacturing movement.